PAD 19

PAD 19: Two-for-Tuesday–write a cool or uncool poem.


A Pestiferous Existence

I believed I was a queen.
At least of your heart.
Truly thought we were
the defition of split aparts.
Yet, dreams don’t
always come true.
Not when dealing with
a cad as dark as you.

What was once beautiful
brings me no joy.
What had been considered playful
proved to be another ploy.
What used to sound so amazing
now rings cold and flat.
Butterfly wings don’t belong
on a grotesque bat.

© April 19, 2016 by LDL

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PAD 18

PAD 18: Write an office poem.

If you’re like me, you’re stratching your head wondering what an “office” poem is. So, my solution, you have to think outside the box.

This year, in America, it’s an election year. I was raised Southern. There are three things you don’t talk about lol. Sex, religion, and politics. Except when it’s an election year lol. Then there’s no holds barred.

This is **strictly** my opinion!!!! Which, by the bill of rights, I’m entitled to. So take it for what it is.


Poetic Rant

As I’ve gotten older
I’ve switched sides.
From the one I was born into,
to a more open-minded tide.
I no longer believe in affiliations,
I want to pick the one who’s right.
So, forgive me as I give
my two cents into this fight.

A bully will always be a bully.
He’s not gonna change his stripes.
Listen to the words he speaks.
Hate leads his hype.
Every word out of his mouth
is about war and strife.
He’s against immigration.
Yet, from where is his wife?

My mother raised me
not to be tied to the kitchen.
If we listen to him,
that’s the post he wants me hitching.
I have value.
I have a voice.
I am no different than any other man.
I have a choice.

And I choose to not join the bandwagon.
I don’t want the woman clown.
If he gets the nomination,
she’ll win hands down.
But, what does it matter?
I’m just a lowly minion
whose vote doesn’t really count.
Yet, this is my American opinion.

@ April 18, 2016 by LDL

PAD 16 & 17

PAD 16 & 17

PAD 16: Write a poem about your favorite restaurant.

PAD 17: Write a Haiku


Always Servicing Breakfast

Let’s go to IHOP.
I want a plate of pancakes
loaded with syrup.

@ April 17, 2016 by LDL

PAD 15

PAD 15

Write a poem with at least four of the following words: flat, ring, gaudy, tooth, vessel, blacklist, paper, lavish.


Tax Day

The crunch is on.
I have until midnight.
Itemize my deductions.
Addition and subtractionss.
I’m not going down with a fight.
I’ve got this won.

Is this gaudy ring I got from grandma
an inheritance or just a gift?
Can I add the vessel we put the dog in?
Oh, Lord, please help me!
Oh, I’ve got it! Aha!
The tides will shift.
Subtract the offerings for my blacklisted sins.
Being honest will set me free.

Lavish I can’t be on this.
Not when they can audit the paper trail.
Don’t forget the tooth pulling.
This is the day for all my bill friends.
Oh the last page! Such bliss!
I won’t need money for bail.
Until next year I’m done shuffling.
With my signature it’s the end.

@ April 15, 2016 by LDL

PAD 13

PAD 13

Write a poem with the title Last (blank).


Last Call

It started off as friends
having a good time.
Go out for dinner then
sweating in some dancehall grime.

Yet, ghosts won’t disappear
even in an alcoholic haze.
They just sit in the corner waiting
with an evil grin in their sober glance.

Just one more drink left
and I’ll leave this depressing place.
Just one more drink and hopefully
I also will leave behind your beloved face.

@ April 13, 2016 by LDL

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PAD 12

PAD 12

It’s Two-for-Tuesday. Write a serious or silly poem. I used the whimsical dandelion as a mediator for a more serious topic ;).

I should say this is not what I set out to write lol. I had no idea it was even coming. But, as all writers know, sometimes words need to take that left-hand turn.


Gone With the Wind

As a child, they were
a country girl’s favorite toy.
You closed your eyes and wished
for the prince who was still a boy.
Or at least I did.

As a teen, you left
childhood fantasies behind.
When you wished it was
of a different kind.
Requesting to pass that Algebra test.

As an adult, you still have hope.
Yet, you know fate has already been forecast.
It doesn’t stop you from praying
to make the marriage last.
Mine didn’t, but it was what was best.

As each petal is carried off
reality always sits in.
Sometimes the wrong done
doesn’t belong to your sin.
I’m not the one who’s lacking.

When you’ve done everything you can,
when nothing else can be done,
instead of looking to the dandelion
fall to your knees in front of the Son.
Only He has the power to save you.

@ April 12, 2016 by LDL